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                       Riders seat modification:          YES   NO                     Supracor upgrade on Riders Seat:  YES   NO
                       Passenger seat modification:   YES   NO                      Is riders seat to be lowered:           YES   NO
                         Your Height_____Your weight_____Your pants inseam_____Passengers weight______

                               Do you use bar risers?  YES  NO   If yes, what is the added rise____and pullback_____

                                    What is your preferred riding position?      Back on seat     Centered     Up on tank

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              Payment method:  ____ *Check (preferred) Make payable directly to Frank S. Turnier
                                                                                  (*checks are verified electronically after receipt so there is no delay in service)
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E-Mail: Spencersmotocare@aol.com

 Seat Mod Order Form                     

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Frank (Spencer) Turnier
403 SW Cahoon CT Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

E-Mail: Spencersmotocare@aol.com
Phone: (772) 418-9712

Please E-Mail for a quote and your seat specific information BEFORE you ship your seat

*Return shipping costs are not included in your seat mod pricing. It is recommended you include a prepaid return shipping label in the box with your seat when shipped.  This way you control the cost, return address, and will have your tracking number each way. Please see the FAQ page for more information.

Spencers Motorcycle Seat Mods 

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